Since March 26, 2020, Commissioner Roland C. Pondoc and Regional Director Atty. Roy L. Ursal approved the request of Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) officials for accommodation of their health workers, mostly nurses, to stay at the COA XI Dormitory. Being treated very unfairly by the community which discriminates and avoids them ironically despite their efforts in the hospital caring for those affected by Covid-19 illness, these medical front liners are in dire need of accommodation where they will be received and accepted if only to give them comfort and encouragement.

COA XI made it sure that these health workers would find a home where they can safely rest by allowing them to stay at the COA XI Dormitory free of any charge as instructed by Director Ursal. Initially, these medical front liners wanted to be at the dorm only until June 30, 2020. In a letter-request dated June 19, 2020 to Director Roy L. Ursal, Atty. Oscar P. Mata, Chief Administrative Officer of SPMC, asked for extension of the health worker’s stay until July 31, 2020. Director Ursal approved the request and the accommodation of the SPMC personnel was extended until the end of July free of charge. As of this writing, fifty (50) health workers occupying twenty-five (25) rooms are enjoying free accommodation at the dormitory. COA XI asked SPMC though to have the dormitory disinfected as the health workers leave to which request the hospital agreed.

Also, COA Regional Office XI guards and certain personnel who had the difficulty in reporting for work at the Regional Office during ECQ and GCQ where public transportation is very limited were also allowed to stay in the dormitory at no cost to them.

                                  SPMC health workers at COA XI Dormitory                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Frontliners Pic1 Frontliners Pic2

The Covid-19 crisis also affected some COA Region No. XI personnel, mostly job-orders, who were either confined in the hospital for having been contaminated with the virus or were under quarantine for having been in contact with a Covid-19 positive. One of the barangays in Davao City was severely affected by Covid 19 and it was unfortunate that one of the Job Order personnel contacted the Corona Virus due to exposure in her community and had to be admitted at SPMC. Before her hospital admission, she was in contact with other job order personnel which necessitate the person whom she was dealing with to undergo 14 day home quarantine. On the other hand, another Job Order personnel was admitted in a private hospital due to health issues which was somehow due to the quarantine restrictions. All these Job Order personnel could not report to work such that their “no-work, no-pay” condition caused financial burden to them and their family. Director Roy L. Ursal and the COA XI personnel voluntarily contributed and accumulated personal funds to help these less fortunate colleagues in their time of need. The effort raised the sum of P181, 000.00 and the beneficiaries were very grateful for the generosity of all COA XI personnel. Indeed, bayanihan is the key to heal as one.